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Modern passive log house – Made of Finnish conifer

Oy Timber Frame Ltd is the first company to put a modern passive log house on the Finnish market. The house meets future requirements for energy efficiency and due to its unprocessed logs its carbon footprint is nearly non-existent.

Thanks to a new kind of construction technique, a passive log house has a modern appearance and also fits perfectly in an urban landscape.

The frame, walls, intermediate floors and ceiling of a passive log house are made from solid wood. The construction system is an innovation based on Finnish conifer and hard work.

The structure of a modern passive log house is durable, safe and secure

The structure of a modern passive log house is durable, safe and secure

Its features even meet the requirements for zero-energy houses.

The load-bearing walls of a passive log house are built using 95-mm thick, tongue-and-grooved vertical logs, over which there is a solid wood horizontal bar. The the top and/or bottom surfaces of the solid wood intermediate floor can be left uncovered.

Roof substructure

The roof substructure can be made using the same solid wood plank or traditional roof abutments. With the logs and solid wood planks the possibility of placing wiring within the structure has been taken into account. Once the frame has been installed, the building is mainly ready from the inside unless the solid wood surfaces need to be cladded or treated.

Air and vapour impermeable barrier layer

An air and vapour impermeable barrier layer is installed outside the load-bearing solid wood frame. On top of this there will be a damp course, windbreak and outer cladding. The system allows for the façade to be made at the construction site. It can also be built with prefabricated units. The structure provides great impermeability and the system minimises the likelihood of a mistake occurring on site. The façade can be made out of wood or it can be rendered or made from masonry. The roof structure is, in principle, the same as the walls.