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Modern living in a passive log house

The structure of a modern passive log house is durable, safe and secure. Its features even meet the requirements for zero-energy houses.

“Tailored, ecological and high-quality log houses for great living.”

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Log Homes - Uniquely

Beautiful wood surfaces on the outside and the inside.

We manufacture log homes from planed and circular timber in all shapes and sizes and for many uses: detached houses, holiday homes, premises for social receptions. Our products are not based on a standard range of models; rather, every building we manufacture is unique and represents the wishes and requirements of our customers.

We utilize the latest technology to make possible the manufacturing of lamellate timber up to 270 mm thick.

Our specialty in circular logs lies in the larger sizes, in which the thickest is a rare 290 mm; even larger sizes are also available upon special request.

In addition to the log frame, we also deliver all of the necessary structural wooden parts, materials for interior lining and carpentry products (windows, doors and stairs). Tailoring the extent of deliveries according to your own needs is also possible.

Log Homes - Guaranteed

Log homes project an atmosphere of authenticity: they breathe, endure and echo beauty.

Timber Frame log homes are a reliable choice. Our service and consultation in purchasing a log home is based on 20 years of expertise.

Exports have formed the basis of our operations right from the beginning.

We are committed to sustainable work and the principle of continuous development.

We consider reliability in deliveries a matter of honor. We are renowned for holding to agreed schedules, right from the beginning of manufacturing to the exact time of arrival of partial wood shipments to the building site.

We are governed by the ISO 9001Quality Management System for internal operations, the general quality requirements for log homes, SFS 4895 (RT 14-10436 ), as well as the requirements for basic log-home design, RT 82-10415.

We purchase most of our durable, densely fibrous timber raw materials from our neighbor, Kuhmo Oy, which is one of Europe’s largest, most modern, and private saw mills. The Finnish Forest Certification Council has granted Kuhmo Oy the right to use the PEFC label as proof they promote sustainable forest management.

We also take the environment into consideration in our operations. We convert all waste accumulated in woodworking into natural energy, which is then used in the wood drying process.

Log homes naturally and individualistically

The majestic pine trees of the lush Kainuu forests grow slowly, gaining strength through time. Traditional Finnish expertise, dating back a century, creates ecological, unique and durable log homes from these pines.

Oy Timber Frame Ltd is an experienced manufacturer of good-quality Finnish log houses. We have supplied individual prefabricated log houses mainly for export for 20 years.

The log house by Timber Frame is individual, ecological and of good quality. This is ensured by flexible and skilled service and production. Our manufacturing plant is located in Kuhmo – in the heart of Kainuu region’s wide pine forests and renowned woodworking traditions.

In 2010 we put on the market a passive log house suitable for Northern conditions. It has been designed for a modern urban environment.

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